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Steps To Using A Singing Bowl

Playing or ringing a singing bowl is relatively easy but producing a smooth, throbbing sound does require some basic techniques and some practice. The first thing is to understand that this is a meditative practice, so position yourself in a comfortable, meditative posture and remember to breathe!


Place the bowl in your non-working hand. Be sure your hand is flat, as curling your fingers to cup the bowl will inhibit the sound. Find a comfortable height to hold the bowl in front of you such as in front of the heart chakra or solar plexus chakra.



In your working hand, hold the mallet as you would a pencil to write. This would be around a 45° angle with the top of the mallet towards the middle of the bowl. Gently strike the outside rim of the bowl to initiate the sound.



 Once the sound has been initiated, begin to glide the mallet around the outside rim of the bowl. The amount of pressure and speed of gliding will depend on the bowl and type of mallet. Often the sound will start quietly but with steady gliding the sound will increase.



  • use a full arm motion rather than rotating at your wrist to produce a more consistent sound and avoid straining your wrist
  • if “skipping” occurs, try increasing the pressure or slowing down
  • a brief note about mallets: wooden mallets create a lighter more feminine tone but are more likely to “skip”, leather wrapped mallets create a deeper more masculine tone but are sometimes more difficult to master a loud vibration. Practice is the key but if you are having difficulty with one, try the other.

As stated above, this is a meditative practice. If you have someone to play it for you, the sound of the singing bowl can greatly enhance whatever kind of meditation you’d like to try with it. However, if you are playing the singing bowl yourself, remember that the focus required to play the singing bowl well, is a form meditation in itself, in addition to the vibrational frequencies coming from the bowl. Have fun and play often!


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