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Goodwill Singing Bowl

Attune Yourself to A Higher Level of Awareness!

For best sound experience, please use headphones


A sound bowl is an instrument used for improving meditation and creating deep relaxation. This unique bowl is a modern take on a traditional design. Beautifully decorated with messages of goodwill in Devanagari script on both inside and outside of the bowl. The vibrant resonance of this bowl creates immediate centeredness within oneself and a sense of peace.

Though most commonly associated with Tibetan Buddhism, singing bowls have been used for thousands of years by many ancient cultures around the world in spiritual and holistic practices.

By holding a singing bowl in a flat hand and gliding the wooden mallet around the rim of the bowl, one is able to initiate vibrations within the bowl that create harmonic frequencies.

The beautiful sounds produced by singing bowls resonate with our energy bodies (chakras, etc.), our physical bodies, and even our brain wave patterns. In addition to the effective use of singing bowls for improving the quality of meditation by inducing relaxation and focus, singing bowls have also been associated with reducing anxiety and pain and enhancing mood and personal well-being.

  • 12cm (4-3/4”) size
  • Made of solid brass
  • Leather-wrapped wooden mallet included
  • Made in Nepal
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