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Our Story really began after the 2008 financial crisis. Our workaholic, stressed out lifestyle quickly turned into a state of uncertainty and sense of failure. Health problems followed and we began to ask ourselves, What were we doing wrong? and more importantly, How can we be restored back to peace, joy and prosperity? 
After years of learning and changing our daily habits, we started to realize that implementing practices like meditation, yoga, energy therapies and mindfulness were causing our goals to take shape. We are now balanced in our work, play and rest. We are prioritizing the important things in life and are having a greater sense of happiness and joy as a result. This stuff really works!
In 2019 we decided to spread this joy to the world and the ChakraShop emerged! It’s a space where you can learn about traditions, practices and techniques to bring about improvements in your life. Whether it’s a physical healing that you are seeking or a happier state of being, we want to help you attain your goals. Some are simple to implement while others may require effort and self-discipline. Either way, we want to assist you on your journey and provide you with tools that make it fun and enjoyable. You deserve to live a good life.
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The name ChakraShop and our logo were both born from a desire to represent the focus of our vision: to tend to the human spirit. Though the 7 main chakras make up, only a portion of the human energy field, together they are rapidly becoming recognized as its global symbol. At ChakraShop we believe that loving and nurturing yourself first not only brings balance and peace to the individual, but is also the spark that heals and restores humanity as a whole. 


Our mission is to share information on well researched topics and provide quality products that uplift, inspire and bring balance to everyone on their journey to self-realization and wellbeing. 
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Surrounded by nature and tranquility, we are a small family company, located in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you make purchases that are right for you. Feel free to send us an email and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay connected.

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