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Traditional Incense Cones Green Tea

Green tea incense has a subtle, refreshing, dewy fragrance that has a deodorizing effect in your home. Due to its powerful relaxing and cleansing effect, it helps to strengthen the mind and body as excess energies are more easily released. It can therefore revitalize you when you’re feeling burdened or exhausted, while at the same time, calm you down when you’re feeling frustrated or stressed.

It is also known to assist in concentration, focus, and creating a sense of harmony and peace, making it perfect for meditation. Green tea incense strengthens and vitalizes the Heart Chakra.

  • These traditional incense cones come with approx. 25 pieces and burn for approx. 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Best used in incense holders that require a traditional incense cone.
  • Tiny ceramic incense holder included.
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